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Karen Nyamu Explains Why She Allowed Samidoh To Travel To The US

“He had missed seeing his children,” Karen Nyamu said she only released Samidoh for the sake of his kids.

Samidoh arrived in Boston, Massachusetts early January 2024 and he was picked up at the airport by Edday and their three children.

The musician’s reunion with his first family sparked a lot of speculations given that he had been with Karen Nyamu alone since May 2023 when Edday and the kids relocated to the US.

Speaking on Samidoh’s US visit during an interview with a local publisher, Karen Nyamu she herself wanted the Mugithi singer to go see his kids in America.

Karen Nyamu said it was his right to meet and interact with his children since he is far from them.

ā€œSamidoh works in Kenya, so he had missed seeing his children. He went to see them,ā€ the politician. He needed that. He needed to see his babies, and his babies needed to see their dad,” she said.

Samidoh has fathered three children with Edday.

Karen Nyamu had earlier said she had no problem with Samidoh sleeping with Edday since she signed up for polygamy when she started dating the married singer.

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