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“Amebeba Nyash!” Raymond Nduga Unveils New Wife After Break Up With Doris Tado

“We move on fast and quickly, meet my new sweet wife!” Raymond Nduga announces.

Raymond Nduga has taken to social media to announce his new woman after a highly publicized fallout with his former wife, Doris Tado.

The announcement came on the heels of a social media spat between the two ex-lovers.

“We move on fast and quickly, meet my new sweet wife. Ong’eyo nyotho to mit ka poyi, oloyona chogo manyocha agweno ka ng’at ma chamo mlima Kakwacha ka. Billionaire’s wife has NYAS,” Raymond Nduga proudly declared on his Facebook page.

The relationship between Raymond and Doris had attracted public attention previously when a video surfaced last year, showing Doris being physically assaulted by Raymond. Doris has now decided to leave the reportedly abusive marriage.

Raymond didn’t shy away from airing grievances about his ex-wife on social media, claiming that he had rescued her from homelessness in Nairobi. He went on to criticize her family’s financial situation and disrespected her father, retired Chief John Tado, in a public post.

“For my two years stay with Dorris, the most her dad has ever sent her is Ksh. 500! The family is ever broke! But at this point, I can assure the world, in the name of my living God, Dorris will never see any money from me. As such, I will remove her name from my company asap,” he claimed.

Raymond also accused Doris of insulting his baby mama, who allegedly financed his company, supporting his claims with a screenshot of a WhatsApp message sent by Doris to his baby mama.


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