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Brown Mauzo’s Baby Mama Celebrates New Relationship As Bae Spoils Her With Love

Brown Mauzo’s baby mama Fatima Idha has found a man who is making her smile again.

Idha revealed she is dating again as she took to social media to express the joy of being in love.

In a series of Instagram post, Brown Mauzo’s baby mama showered her new sweetheart with love albeit without revealing his face.

In one post, Fatima Idha shared a short video clip showing how they were getting ready to watch something on Netflix together, and praised him for how he values her.

“When you have that one man that knows how to value n respect u, he deff is a keeper. Netflix and chill with mr,” she wrote.

In another post, Idha heaped praises on her man for spending his money on her, and for how he was gentleman enough to come pick her up later.

“Baby thank you for making me look stunning 🥺 and for always spending on me 🥹. When he came to pick me after makeup” she wrote.

Idha revealed she is dating again just days after she went out on a date with Brown Mauzo.

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