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“Mali Ya Wazee!” Manzi Wa Kibera Reveals Why She Prefers To Give Her Rosecoco To Old Men

Manzi Wa Kibera is dating two old men, Mr Nzioki 67 and her new catch, Daniel Njau, 75 years old.

Manzi Wa Kibera likes older men for some good reasons.

The socialite thinks older men are better than younger ones like Kevo and Brayo.

She says older men are more sorted in life. They know what they want and how to get it. Young guys, according to her, have not put their life in order.

Manzi Wa Kibera feels older men treat her better and are more honest.

Wambo has some advice for young girls too. She suggests they choose older guys if they want a better life. She believes younger guys like Kevo and Brayo may not make them happy.

Manzi Wa Kibera shared her own experiences to explain why she prefers older men. She revealed life has been good in her relationships with older men, the first one being Nzioki, who is 67, and Daniel Njau, who is 75.

In her view, the older men she dates offer her a better life. They are willing to give her things she desires, like going for holidays or having expensive at expensive places.

Manzi Wa Kibera seems convinced that older men are the way to go for a fulfilling romantic life.


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