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“Hujafanya Poa” Anger As Bernice Saroni Bombards Son With Questions About His Deadbeat Father

US-based Kenyan Promoter Bernice Saroni has made her son shed painful tears after asking him about his absent father.

The content creator chided dead beat fathers for the pain they cause their children, hoping they will get blessings for doing that to the innocent souls.

“Deadbeat fathers Mungu awabariki for the pain you cause our innocent Children,” she captioned her video with her son.

In the video, she asked her son how he felt now that he has no father. Unsure of his feeling, the boy responded by saying, “I don’t know.”

Bernice however pressed him further with another question on the subject

“When you see other kids with their dad, how does that make you feel?” she asked.

“Sad,” the boy responded.

“If you see your dad today will you know him?” the mother of four went on.

“No,” the minor said as he broke down into tears.

Saroni however admitted that she did know her son was hurting that much due to the absence of his father in his life

“I never knew my son was hurting this bad. God help me and give him the grace to accept,” she said.

A section of those who commented on the video  resonated with her , as others urged men to step up for their children.

Other however though that Saroni was traumatizing her son with such questions asking her to never do that again.

“Some questions don’t require you to hold a camera,” one called her out.

Another said, “I wonder what you wanted to achieve by this.”

“Why are you asking such questions. Kwa nini meble ya camera, hujafanya poa,” said another.

@mamakeboyzofficialdeadbeat fathers mungu awabariki for the pain you cause to our innocent children…

♬ original sound – Mamakeboyzofficial

Saroni is a single mother of four boys. She moved to the US after undergoing a nasty divorce from her husband in 2018.

Recently, she recounted about the divorce saying she was seeking peace of mind by relocating.

“When I decided that I was going to relocate to the US after the separation with the father of my children, I wanted peace, and at that point, I just wanted to exit. Staying in Kenya is not easy with four children, and I didn’t want the back and forth with child support. The divorce was so messy I just wanted peace of mind,” she opened up in a TikTok video.





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