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Bahati And Diana Explain Why Their Wedding Didn’t Happen On 12th December As Announced

December 12, 2023 was supposed to be Bahati and Diana Marua’s wedding day.

Celebrity couple Bahati Kioko and Diana Marua recently took to their Instagram pages to share a joint message with their fans, addressing the postponement of their wedding that was initially scheduled for December 12.

The duo attended a friend’s wedding as invited guests and, in light of their own canceled plans, promised to announce a new date for their big celebration soon.

In a heartfelt message, Bahati expressed that December 12 was supposed to be their special day, but due to unavoidable circumstances, they had to cancel the event.

The couple extended their congratulations to their friends, Director Ritchie and Rena Solomon, on their wedding and shared their excitement at being part of the celebration. Bahati assured their fans that the details of their rescheduled wedding would be unveiled shortly.

“Today was supposed to be our wedding day but… Congratulations to our friends @Directorritchie and @RenaSolomon. We are happy to be part of your Line-Up as we take the details of how we will bring you our big celebration. New Wedding Dates Coming Soon…” wrote Bahati.

However, the couple added an element of confusion when, during their friends’ wedding, they playfully presented themselves in a manner that suggested they were the bride and groom. In photos and videos from the event, Bahati and Diana were seen walking at a majestic pace in the front row. Diana, adorned with a white wedding shawl, carried flowers, while Bahati, in a suit, completed the image of a bride.

The playful act left some fans momentarily perplexed, thinking that Bahati and Diana were the central figures at their friends’ wedding celebration. Despite the confusion, the couple’s reassurance of a forthcoming announcement for their own wedding date keeps fans eagerly anticipating the details of their long-awaited celebration.


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