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Bahati And Diana In Shock After Discovering Their Son Majesty Doesn’t Know Any Swahili Word

Bahati and Diana can’t believe that their son  Majesty doesn’t know any Swahili word.

The couple was met by the shock of their life after visiting their children in school for consultations.

“As Gen Z parents, me and my hubby had the opportunity to go for our kids consultation at school and we  are still shocked that Majesty does not know any Swahili word,” Diana shared online

“Majesty does not know a Kiswahili word,” Diana further said in a video while Bahati wondered, ” Kwanini mtoto wangu hajui Kiswahili?”

Morgan who will be turning 5 years in August this year schools at Juja Preparatory school alongside his siblings.

Claims that Morgan doesn’t know Swahili has left netizens with mixed reactions with some recounting instances that they heard him speak the languages in videos.

Others however wondered if the school he goes to doesn’t have the subject in their timetable.

Another netizen however came up with a suggestion that could held the minor.

“Mtaeka rule ya kuongea Kiswahili pekee home  that really helped.”

In a separate comment, another netizen said that Morgan was still young and could learn Swahili. According to him, he will know and speak the language if he is interested.


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