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“Nipige Basi!” Bahati Complains His Wife Diana Marua Doesn’t Respect Him

“You don’t respect me! Hata nikikuongelesha unasimama ni kama unataka tupigane!” Bahati tells Diana.

In a recent video on Diana B’s YouTube channel, viewers witnessed a tense exchange between Bahati and his wife during a prank skit. The argument sparked discussions among netizens, who noticed a shift in Bahati’s behavior.

Many expressed concerns about the unspoken details of their relationship, citing previous claims made by Willy Paul regarding his connection with Diana before Bahati.

“Whenever I try to talk to you, it feels like you don’t respect me. You stand up as if you want us to fight,” Bahati voiced during the heated moment, reflecting common relationship challenges faced by couples.

Stephanie, one of the viewers, remarked, “Ever since Willy Paul mentioned their past, Bahati’s demeanor has changed significantly. You can see it even in his body language!”

“Tangu willypoce aseme alisimashi hizi cargo, baha akili ilitoka hapa u can see even through his body language!” Stephanie argues.

Christine Charles shared a similar sentiment, suggesting that Bahati appears tired and may be trying to mask his true feelings due to Diana’s perceived controlling nature. “Bahati seems tired and it true Diana is so controlling he is trying to cover up but deep down he is tired,” she says.

“You are even pointing and forcing to say things that he doesn’t want to say… Kuja kalenjin uone hata nikikohoa lazima uitike. Saitani💪💪💪💪!” Jemosi adds.



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