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“Bado Harusi Na Mtoto Tu” Akothee Reveals Plan To Get Pregnant For Nelly Oaks 

Mother of five Akothee who is in her 40s has revealed that she is not yet done having babies.

Akothee opened up about her plan to have another baby while Nelly Oaks while thanking him for what he did during her graduation.

The singer noted that Nelly was down with flu on that particular day but he was running up and down to make sure her graduation was successful.

Akothee was impressed by the sacrifices Nelly Oaks made for her and she vowed to marry him and also reward him with a child.

“You won’t spot him in most Fotos because he was busy running around to make sure the queen is okey , secondly He wasn’t feeling very well My Mpermanent had a terrible flue on my graduation day but he made it .I love you HNO.
Sasa Nimesoma graduation ndio hiyo ,bado harusi na mtoto tu sweetie 🤣🤣Clapp for Mr Manager Nellyoaks 2023 has been an amazing confusing YEAR but we survived baby 💪. Hapa niacheni nikae hapa kule kwingine kunguni wengi 💃💃💃💃💃🤣🤣,” Akothee wrote.

Akothee on December 8, 2023, graduated with a Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) degree from Mt Kenya University.

The singer heaped praised on her ex husband Denis Schweizer aka Omondi/Omosh following her graduation.

Akothee recognized the input of her ex husband in helping her pursue a university degree.

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