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Janet Mbugua Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Her Miserable Life, Says Still Trying To Resolve Her Issues 

“I cry a lot to sleep,” Janet Mbugua said when fans asked her how she was doing.

The former Citizen TV anchor gave fans a glimpse of her life and the challenges she has been going through in recent years during a candid conversation on her YouTube channel.

Janet was responding to questions fans had asked her about the challenges she has faced and her ongoing relationship with faith.

“I still have my moments when I am trying to resolve what I have been through over the last few years. I still have my moments when I cry a lot to sleep, and I now do it because I feel like a lot of crying I am doing lately is an expressed grief that I never got to do. I held so much inside because I had to be a big girl, be a mum, and be so many things,” Janet Mbugua shared.

The mother of two acknowledged her fans’ curiosity, she conveyed that she was not yet ready to discuss certain aspects but assured them that she would share her journey at some point.

Janet Mbugua further noted that her faith in God was shaken after being character developed.

“My faith with God is an ongoing journey, and I feel good because if something bad comes along, that is part of character development which I think we need to normalize. Everyone will face it; the question is, is it going to grow you, or is it going to stall you? This is not exclusive to just relationships,” she remarked.

Janet Mbugua has been going through a lot since her breakup with ex-husband Eddie Ndichu.

She got married to Eddie Ndichu in 2015 but by 2021 their marriage was already crumbling.

Eddie and Janet parted ways and it was reported that infidelity was the major cause of their breakup.

The mother of two opened up about the journey to healing in a recent vlog.

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