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“In Spite Of The Pain He Caused Me, Omosh Helped Me Graduate” Akothee Opens Up

“I want to congratulate Mr Omosh for coming into my life,” Akothee said after her graduation.

Akothee on Friday, December 8, 2023, graduated with a Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) degree from Mt Kenya University.

The singer heaped praised on her ex husband Denis Schweizer aka Omondi/Omosh following her graduation.

Akothee recognized the input of her ex husband in helping her pursue a university degree.

“I want to congratulate Mr Omosh for coming into my life. He controlled Akothee and settled Esther. Because of that can graduate in 2023. Having met my ex-husband helped me finalise my degree. I went into the classroom without a mwakenya and everything was smooth. I was happy,” Akothee said in a video.

Despite her excitement, Akothee also opened up about the difficulties and the profound reasons behind the importance of this degree to her.

The mother of five recalled that she used to pay school fees for family members who came back to insult her bragging that they were better than her because they had accomplished more education-wise.

“I wasn’t able to achieve the things I wanted to achieve before I turned 40. People are wondering why I am publicizing this graduation so much.

“It is because even the people I educated when I had nothing, when I was a nobody when I paid their fees with the little I had, came back later and told me they were better than me. Look at this one with no education.

“It’s so painful when someone or people you’ve supported and given everything to come and tell you they are better than you,” Akothee painfully recalled.



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