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Babu Owino Shares Photos Of 10-Storey Apartment Building Sakaja Is Building With Stolen Money 

Babu Owino has made it his objective to expose Sakaja after he was ranked the worst governor in Kenya.

The Nairobi county boss was ranked the poorest-performing governor in Kenya by research firm Insight Strategists Solutions (ISS) Africa ranking.

Babu Owino has been attacking Sakaja for underperforming ever since he was ranked the worst governor in Kenya.

The Embakasi East MP, who was ranked the best performing lawmaker in Nairobi, has been quarreling with Sakaja since September 16 after the report was published.

A public exchange of words between Sakaja and Babu was witnessed on September 16, with the latter shifting focus to the Nairobi County school feeding programme.

The Embakasi East MP claimed that Sakaja was using the school feeding programme fleece Nairobians, insisting that the initiative should be free.

School feeding program should be managed by school management, not the governor. Each school should have well equiped kitchen and staff, Sakajas 10 kitchens cannot feed hundreds of thousands of learners in Nairobi, the ratio of kitchens to kids is ridiculous, but again someone who ran away from school and is using fake degree certificates cannot understand this simple facts. Food gets to schools hours late due to transport hitches from Sakaja’s kitchen and this interferes with schools’ learning timetable.

1: ksh 5 per day from each parent by 1000 parents in every school amounts to 5000/- per day by 22 active school days in a month=110000/- per month.

2.There are 208 public primary schools in Nairobi so you get 110000 multiplied by 208=22,880,000/-

3.In one year this amount=12 times 22,880,000=274,560,000/-

4.Where do you take this money to yet there’s a budget for the school feeding program?This program should be free and properly implemented.Mwizi bila akili @SakajaJohnson,” Babu Owino ranted.

The Embakasi East MP further claiming that Sakaja was stealing from Nairobi county to buy properties.

“Sakaja is an embarrassment to the People of Nairobi.How can you be ranked last out of 47 Counties?Kazi ni Kuiba pesa Za Nairobi County and buying Houses in America,London and Dubai.In addition to that he’s increasing taxes to Nairobians.Even dead bodies are now taxed.Nairobi imeisha,Dimples ndio imebaki.Imekataa kuwork,” Babu Owino wrote.

On Monday September, 25, 2023, Babu Owino shared photos of a 10-story apartment under construction that he said was owned by Sakaja.

“DCI has stopped the construction of Sakaja’s Apartments located at the junction between Fida road and Kamiti road.The Land in question is a public property meant for the construction of a Hospital and has been grabbed by Sakaja.All these in just one year!!Mengi bado yaja,” Babu Owino wrote.



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