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Akothee And Her Estranged Sister Cebbie Meet For The First Time During Family Event (Photos)

Akothee and Cebbie attended a family event but they avoided each other like a plague.

The two estranged sisters were brought together by their nephew who graduated from the University of Nairobi.


Even though they attended the event, they didn’t sit close to each other, take photos together or tag each other on their social media posts.

“Standing ovation for my son Eng Evanda Ochieng Onyango . I call him baba.
My son in life you have only two things , Reasons or Results, Results is what you get when you put on hard work , Reason is what you cultivate when you blame everyone for everything until you have yourself to blame. Some children blame all their failures on their parents, Schools they attended ,teachers environment and countless reasons. I have watched you hustle in this Nairobi, collecting your own network and that has built whom you are. @holyfield_evander you have made me proud my son . I can’t wait to hug you and give you my blessings Congratulations Baba ,I love you @holyfield_evander 👏👏👏👏👏 Sasa tuanze masters pamoja I’m. Also graduating in December 💪💪💪💪,” Akothee congratulated her nephew.

Akothee attended the graduation party with her former boyfriend Nelly Oaks and her daughter Vasha Okello.

“We don’t want side shows It’s ENG . EVANDER HOLIFIELD ONYANGO 5 Years in the university auuu ,I fear you my son. Some of your age mates are drinking themselves to death as their parents think they are in school. Baba you have made us proud.@holyfield_evander in life you have only two things , Reasons or Results. I love you son @holyfield_evander @veshashaillan @nellyoaks,” Akothee wrote.

Akothee’s mother was also in attendance at the graduation party.

Cebbie, whose real name is Elseba Awuor Kokeyo, sat far away from her sister Akothee during the graduation party.

“This is the Heaven. Congratulations My son, my friend and a supporter,” Cebbie congratulated her nephew.

The only time Cebbie and Akothee were seen close together was when they were cutting a cake together with other family members.

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