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Kabi and Milly WaJesus Finally Confirm Whether They Are Expecting Their Thirdborn

Kabi and Milly Wa Jesus have performed their first pregnancy test since going to Singapore in February this year to conceive their third born.

The couple were convinced that they were expecting because Milly had missed her monthly periods with four days. She has also been sleeping a lot and feeling tired and nauseous. Aside from that, she said that she had been experiencing stomach upsets.

The pregnancy test however indicated otherwise with Milly being left with disappointments.

“We are not pregnant. For those of you were thinking we are pregnant, I am not. I feel so bad what is up with all that getting tired, missing period with four days?” the mother of two wondered.

“This is so clear it is negative, we are not pregnant. It is official. I was so sure we are pregnant. Everything was aligning but love the thing is pregnancy ni ya God. We have done our best. To be honest, this time round we have tried our best, don’t feel sad,” Kabi told Milly.

A disappointed Milly said that she had already convinced herself that she was expecting.

“Did we miss the day?” she posed hoping that she wouldn’t forced to go through the trouble of having to check every month if she was pregnant.

“I don’t want to go through that journey online,” she said.

Kabi however encouraged her, promising her to do as she would wish.

“I am sorry that I am the one who brought this idea of sharing the journey but if it gives you pressure in any form then tutaacha. I also feel so bad but I have to be strong for you. Tutajaribu tena,” he said.


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