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Azziad Nasenya Replies To Claims She Didn’t Forgive Brian Chira When He Was Alive

Azziad Nasenya has finally spoken up regarding questions about her relationship with Brian Chira before his untimely death.

During a recent Live session on TikTok, Azziad’s followers inquired about whether she had forgiven Chira following their public feud in 2023.

While Azziad chose not to directly address the forgiveness aspect, she cryptically mentioned that only Chira knew the truth about their situation, leaving it in the hands of a higher power.

She expressed her sentiments by saying, “Mwenyewe anajua (It is only Chira who knows). Khai! I am seeing things and I am like, may God forgive their souls,” during the Live session. Despite the persistent questioning from fans, Azziad made it clear that she would not discuss the circumstances surrounding Chira’s passing.

Azziad and Chira’s history stems from July 2023 when Chira faced legal consequences for allegedly making defamatory accusations against Azziad, including leaking her personal phone number.

Azziad’s lawyer emphasized the distress caused by the invasion of her privacy and pursued legal action under the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act.

Chira’s actions during his time in custody added complexity to the situation, as he expressed regret and a willingness to reconcile. He mentioned, “I do regret everything. I would have done better. If the other party is willing to sit down and have a chat, I am ready.”

Chira’s passing due to a tragic accident has brought renewed attention to their past conflict, but Azziad has chosen not to dwell on it publicly.

Instead, she focuses on honoring his memory respectfully.

Chira’s funeral is scheduled for March 26, 2024.


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