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Karen Nyamu Praises Samidoh For Attending Daughter’s Event In Her Absentia

“I love Samidoh for one reason. He is really a true dad. He Loves all his kids. God will bless you more for that!” Netizens say as Karen Nyamu celebrates him.

Karen Nyamu recently expressed her gratitude towards Mugithi singer Samidoh for attending their daughter’s event in her absence. Nyamu, who is currently in the United States, shared a message along with a photo of Samidoh embracing their firstborn daughter Teana at what appeared to be a school talent event.

Nyamu praised Samidoh for being a strong support system and for showing his support for Teana during her special day. She thanked him for being there for their daughter when she couldn’t be present herself.

The event was significant for Teana, and Nyamu was touched by Samidoh’s presence. Nyamu’s post conveyed appreciation for Samidoh’s involvement in their children’s lives despite any personal challenges they may have faced.

In the photos shared by Nyamu, Teana can be seen confidently participating on stage alongside her classmates, capturing a moment of pride for both parents. It is evident that despite their publicized personal issues, Nyamu and Samidoh prioritize their children’s well-being and celebrate their milestones together.

Samidoh also has three children with his estranged wife Edday Nderitu, who resides in America following the fallout from Samidoh’s affair with Nyamu.


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