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“I’m Single And My DMs Are Now Open!” Socialite Shakilla Announces

Shakilla has a body count of over 200 men and at one time was asking for 20 Million dowry plus 200K wife allowance monthly.

Shakilla has revealed her relationship status saying she available for any man interested in her. She declared her single status via Instagram stories and urged others not to claim ownership over her, keeping her DMs open for communication.

A while back she outlined a list of conditions that a man must meet before she considers marrying him. These include purchasing a house, providing 100 camels, a Range Rover Velar, a monthly allowance of KSh 200,000, and a dowry amounting to KSh 20 million.

In addition to her controversial marriage demands, Shakilla also sparked discussions about her past relationships during an interview with a local blog.

When questioned about rumors regarding her extensive dating history, Shakilla dismissed the notion of knowing her exact “body count,” suggesting that attempting to tally such encounters would be overwhelming.

Despite the interviewer’s persistence, Shakilla maintained her stand, cleverly avoiding specifics about her past while teasing a figure for the current year.

She hinted that her encounters for the year in question were below 150, playfully leaving room for speculation.


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