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“Spiritual Bond!” Karen Nyamu Claims She’s Tried Dumping Samidoh Many Times But Always Fails

Karen Nyamu has revealed two reasons why she tried leaving Samidoh but was unable to.

In a latest interview with the Convo podcast, Karen Nyamu opened up about the challenges she faced while attempting to end her relationship with Samidoh.

Long before the public was aware of their affair, Karen Nyamu was wrestling with the decision to end her connection with Samidoh. She acknowledged the ethical attacks she faced, weighed down by the impact their relationship had on others, especially Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu.

“That’s the way it is. Why should I fight it, it’s not that I’ve never tried to fight it because of pressure, and also being a good person, there are times when I would see this situation as not good. How do I feel about someone else? I think it’s wrong,” she revealed thought that were consuming her inner peace.

Despite her sincere attempts to distance herself from Samidoh, Karen Nyamu found herself unable to cut the emotional ties that bound them together. It was a force stronger than any external pressure, a love so deep that it consistently pulled her back into the relationship, she claims.

karen nyamu haitiShe described her relationship with Samidoh as a natural connection, one that defied easy categorization. It was this deep and unshakable connection that made it almost impossible for her to walk away, even in the face of immense scrutiny and disapproval.

Karen Nyamu clarified that her relationship with Samidoh was not motivated by financial incentives, as their financial stability was not in question.

“Things of the spirit! I tried to plan them, I said let it go now because I tried and failed…Fear the spirit! You don’t know it well!” She says.


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