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“Haitoshi!” Bahati Claims Diana Says 1 Million Monthly Wife Allowance Is Not Enough

“I give Diana Marua 1 Million Ksh as a monthly wife allowance bu,t anasema bado sio enough. Kwani mnapewanga ngapi?” Bahati asks.

Diana Marua, the wife of popular musician Bahati, reportedly says that the monthly allowance of 1 million Kenyan Shillings (Ksh) she receives from her husband is not sufficient. This revelation came through a post on Bahati’s Instagram page on Saturday, March 23, 2024.

Bahati, in his post, shared that despite giving Diana Marua Ksh1 million as a monthly allowance, she still feels it’s not enough. He humorously asked his followers how much they give their wives, sparking conversations about spousal allowances.

Bahati is known for showering his wife with lavish gifts and gestures. Recently, he surprised her with a luxurious beach plot in Diani during one of their trips.

He surprised his wife, Diana Marua, with a brand new Range Rover in 2023. This extravagant gift marked the seventh in a series of presents exchanged over their seven years of being together.

Bahati shared his love gesture on social media, expressing his love and appreciation for Diana in a public display of affection that melted hearts across the internet. Alongside the Range Rover, he revealed that he had previously gifted her a Mercedes Benz, intending for it to serve as an alternate vehicle alongside their Prado for taking the kids to school.


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