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Anerlisa Muigai Gets Engaged In A Private Lavish Ceremony

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has been engaged to her longtime boyfriend Melvin Ibrahim.

Melvin is a manager at  Apex Automotive, a car dealership in Nairobi.

The engagement ceremony reportedly took place at her parent’s home in Naivasha last weekend.

Known for keeping her life private, the businesswoman did not share details about the lavish ceremony.

The event was attended by close friends and family as well as a few members of the political class.

“What a way to spend time during the weekend, by attending, Senator Tabitha karanja keroche daughter, Anerlisa wedding proposal event, together with my Women Senate colleagues. Senator Esther Okenyuri Hon. Hamida Kibwana,” senator Tabitha Mtinda shared on Facebook.


The engagement comes two years after her divorce with Tanzanian singer Ben Pol. The two got married at a private ceremony in May 2020 but 11 months into the marriage they split up with their divorce being finalized in September 2020.

Speaking in January 2023, Ben Pol explained that he never enjoyed their marriage and he felt like he was just there to complete Anerlisa’s Instagram posts.

“After taking the vows, I did not enjoy the marriage. I am not a liar, if you remove the photos and things like Instagram. I did not feel excited about the marriage to the extend of having plans such as construction, having children, I didn’t see that. I have never experienced what I see in other marriages like that of the people close to me in our marriage,” he said.

Anerlisa and Melvin’s relationship allegedly began in June 2021 shortly after her split with Ben Pol.

From time time to time, she has been sharing hints about  Melvin, on her Instagram account.

“He asked; ‘How did I win your heart?’ I said; ‘Because you ask nothing from me and that makes it easier for you to concentrate on seeing the real me,” she shared in June 2022.

Ben Pol also moved on and last year he introduced his Germany girlfriend.




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