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Netizens React As 5 Million Is Raised In Brian Chira Wambui’s Fundraiser In Just 48 Hours

“We must start supporting people while they are still alive!” Eric Omondi comments on donations given to send off Brian Chira while asking netizens to help Peter Miracle Baby.

The recent funeral fundraiser for the late Digital Creator Brian Chira has touched many hearts, raising an incredible amount of over Ksh 5 Million in just 48 hours since it began.

This initiative was led by Baba Talisha a popular TikTok star, who spearheaded the efforts following Brian’s tragic accident. The outpouring of support and contributions for this noble cause has been truly overwhelming.

Brian Chira’s passing has served as a reminder to many netizens of the importance of supporting individuals while they are still alive as it can be seen in most pots comments.

Chira’s death has turned into a blessing and netizens wonder why it did not happen when he was still alive.

His burial budget has already been taken care of and all the donations will go into building his grandmother a house.

Eric Omondihas also echoed this sentiment by urging netizens to come together and support Miracle Baby, who is currently hospitalized. He is asking netizens to stand with the former Sailors Gang artist in his time of need, offering not just financial aid but also emotional support and solidarity.

The rapid success of Brian Chira’s funeral fundraiser shows the goodwill and generosity present within communities, both online and offline among Kenyans.


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