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“Ni Mali Safi!” Stevo Simple Boy Claims He Spent Over 250K On Date With Betty Kyallo

“Betty Kyallo ni mrembo, ukiangalia pia ngongingo zake zimeweza!” Stevo Simple Boy says.

Stevo Simple Boy recently made headlines after revealing that he spent over 250,000 on a date with media personality Betty Kyallo. The revelation came as Stevo gushed over his admiration for Betty during an interview.

According to Stevo, he had been admiring Betty from afar for some time and had been trying to catch her attention through social media. After days of persistent efforts, Betty finally agreed to meet him, and the two went on a date.

Their rendezvous quickly garnered attention when photos of them together surfaced on social media, sparking widespread discussion among netizens. Many praised Betty for her down-to-earth demeanor, noting her willingness to accept Stevo’s invitation despite his humble background.

While Betty has not publicly disclosed the details of their conversation during the date, Stevo has been open about his feelings, admitting to having sleepless nights wishing for Betty to agree to be his girlfriend.

Stevo’s gesture of spending a considerable amount on their date reflects his earnest desire to impress Betty and win her affection. Despite his simple upbringing, Stevo’s willingness to go above and beyond highlights the sincerity of his intentions towards Betty.

The budding romance between Stevo Simple Boy and Betty Kyallo has captured the attention of fans and followers alike, with many eagerly awaiting updates on their relationship.

Whether Betty will reciprocate Stevo’s feelings remains to be seen, but one thing is certain,their unlikely pairing has sparked conversations and warmed the hearts of many, proving that true support and love can indeed transcend differences.


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