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Ananimaliza! King Kalala Confesses Her Feelings For Maria Actor Isaboke

NRG Radio presenter could no longer hide that fact that she has big crush on Isaboke Nyakundi, who played the  role of Silas in Maria, a TV series that was aired on Citizen TV few years ago.

The radio presenter took to her Insta stories to confess her feelings, hoping that those who  would come across her post will ensure that the message reaches the intended audience; Nyakundi.

“Let it be known that huyu kijana ananimaliza. Isaboke Nyakundi, Gai!! Mtu amwambie,” she wrote, accompanied by the thespian’s photo.

Isaboke was yet to make any public comment about Kalala’s confession by the time of publishing this story.

Last year, the media personality revealed that she usually makes the first move in relationship, and with her latest confession, it seems she is living up to who she is.

“I am a rare kind of lady who would approach a man if I meet a good one. This is the thing when you go to a club and meet this person who looks so good. And I am a straightforward person. I will approach him and shoot my shot. Assume after three hours I see a message from his girlfriend after we have started vibing; I will beat that lady,”¬† she said told Obinna in an interview.

At the same time, she said that she is straight, explaining why she can’t date a girl.

“If I were to be in a relationship with a lady, her first presumption would be I am the guy, and for me, there is no way I am going to work to take you to Dubai. That can’t happen. I want to be the girlfriend. Women are very beautiful, but that is my reason,”King Kalala said.

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