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Conditions That Would Have Forced Cheruiyot Kirui To Use Emergency Oxygen At Mt. Everest

Kenyan have been saddened by the death of mountain climber Cheruiyot Kirui.
Kirui died while attempting to reach the summit of the mountain without oxygen supplements.

According to Everest Today, his body was found a few meters below the summit point of Mt Everest

He was in the company of Nepali climber Nawang Sherpa, who has also been confirmed dead.

Just 5 days ago, before taking on the daring challenge, Kirui had shared a long post on his social media channel, about the challenge his planned trip to the summit.
He noted that his was prepared, indicating that he was fully aware of the risk he was taking.

“And now my plan A no-oxygen attempt comes with its special preparations and risks, it’s no accident that only 3% of successful Everest summits are without oxygen, and that 3% is a success rate of about 30% ( hoping we’ve not lost you there) of attempts by mostly professional mountaineers and alpinists,” he wrote

KJirui added that, “Physically my body has had its share of battering and although it may not like me anymore, it’s ready for this.”

To beat the cold, he had a pair of heated gloves, heated mittens  with spare batteries and  two pairs of heated socks with a spare set of batteries.

He also had medication for the conditions that come with high altitude.

Kirui added that he his companion Sherpa would be  bring him an emergency oxygen in certain conditions

“Emergency oxygen: Nawang Sherpa will ferry an emergency bottle of oxygen to be used under the following circumstances; If I go lights out or if I go bananas,  If I’m time barred: too much time in the death zone is dangerous. If I’m not moving strongly or quickly enough then there’s no point,” he wrote.

“Unfavorable weather: If the weather turns against our respected forecasters (as it happened on 12th) and the exposure is dangerous.
Body limit reached: If the body is fed up and can’t handle the grind and I realize I’m not superman,”

“This attempt therefore looks a lot like a shot in the dark, but we know where the darkness is, and our shot is aimed in there. So as I send my body and spirit up there, I’ll sit with the rest of you and wait in anticipation for the outcome. Naturally the uncertainties add much more to the thrill of this undertaking,” he said.



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