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Akothee Warns Her Agemates Who Are Insulting Her Ahead Of 2024

Akothee is shocked that people who are in their 40s can afford to insult her yet they have nothing to their names.

The mother of five recently took to social media to send a warning which also served as a wake up call to toxic quadragenarians.

Akothee noted that broke people who are in their 40s should focus on acquiring property instead of insulting her.

She challenged quadragenarians to focus on building themselves in 2024 instead of making noise on social media.

“Kama jina lako halijaandikwa kwako wala hauna title deed una miaka arubaini na kusonga usiwahi fungua domo lako kunisengenya kwa ubaya wala kunitusi. Tafuta ploti ujenge wacha kuharibu masaa. 2024 ni mwaka wa kijijenga sio ya panganga,” Akothee wrote.


Akothee’s message is seen an an indirect attack to TikToker Nyako Pilot and others.

Nyako and Akothee have been locked up in a bitter war of words for the better part of the year 2023.

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