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“Guok!” Nyako And Akothee Beef Escalates As Madam Boss Takes Over TikTok

“Nonsense!! Nitapanda ndege nikuje nikutwange!” Akothee tells Nyako who likes to call her enemies Guok.

Akothee has decided to address her ongoing feud with Pilot Nyako, the self-proclaimed queen of Kenyan TikTok based in Germany. Akothee’s entry to TikTok has been marked by her determination to conquer the platform entirely, and her clash with Nyako escalated when Madam Boss referred to her as an “upcoming celeb.”

The comparison between her and Nyako has been a topic of discussion for some time. Nyako, residing in Germany, asserted that she is not in her league and claimed to have started making money in Europe while Madam Boss was still dancing in strip clubs.

In response, she dismissed Nyako as an “upcoming celebrity” merely looking up to her.

She claims that Nyako aspires to be like her but lacks the capability. Akothee, while asserting her maturity, warned Nyako that she could declare a verbal war, vowing to insult her severely.

To emphasize her point, she threatened to board a plane to Germany, where she would confront Nyako face to face and settle matters physically.

Akothee has warned Nyako to refrain from mentioning her name, cautioning that things could get messy if she continued to do so.

The public is now eagerly watching as these two TikTok personalities engage in a war of words and potential face-to-face confrontation.


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