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Kimani Mbugua Explains His Behavior After Going Crazy In A Disturbing Video

Former Citizen TV journalist Kimani Mbugua got people worried after his mental illness relapsed.

Mbugua appeared in a viral video acting crazy and many people opined that he could have relapsed into his previous state.

Shortly after the disturbing video went viral, Kimani Mbugua came out to explain the chaos in his life.

“The point of yesterday and all the gimmicks that I did was to show you guys how deep and dark mental illness is, how I hear a million voices in my head and somehow I still live. Every day I wake up alive makes me realize that existing is a privilege… I’m okay, I have not lost my mind. That was just the other side of me. There is the bipolar Kimani and there is this one speaking to you now. Mental illness is not glamorous. It’s torture without end. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to live with this disease. I apologize to everyone I mentioned in my videos,” he said.

Kimani Mbugua was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2021, a year after he quit his job at Citizen TV for no reason.

He has been in and out of rehabilitation with the help of his family and friends. The condition was worsened by the fact that he was using weed as well.

In September 2023, the former Citizen TV journalist came out to publicly confess that he was out of danger and ready to start life over again.

Well-wishers raised money for Mbugua to help him get back on his feet after battling mental health issues and financial crisis.


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