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“Msipost Picha Zangu!” Akothee Shares Her Death Wishes With Netizens

“Don’t fundraise for me after I’m dead. Don’t exploit my death for clout!” Akothee warns.

Akothee has spoken out about the loneliness that many celebrities experience, especially in the wake of the recent passing of TikToker Brian Chira. She shared her thoughts through TikTok, expressing concern about the way people create content and remember individuals like Chira after they have passed away.

In her message, Akothee stressed the importance of showing care and support to people while they are still alive. She expressed a desire for genuine love and conversations rather than posthumous tributes or fundraisers.

Akothee highlighted the need to appreciate and acknowledge people’s worth and struggles during their lifetimes.

Akothee also shed light on the challenges faced by celebrities, dispelling the myth that fame automatically brings happiness and fulfillment. She mentioned that despite having millions of followers, celebrities often feel isolated and unloved. Akothee pointed out that some friends and family members may distance themselves due to jealousy or other reasons, leaving celebrities feeling lonely despite their public personas.

“I don’t want people to post photos of me and eulogize me when I’m gone. Don’t fundraise for me after I’m dead. Tell me everything you want to say while I’m still alive. Why wait until I’m in a coffin? Don’t exploit my death for clout,” Akothee said.

The untimely passing of Brian Chira deeply affected Akothee, leading her to reflect on missed opportunities to offer help and support. She expressed regret for not responding to Chira’s plea for help earlier, citing past hurts and hesitations. Akothee also criticized the tendency for some to mock or disregard people’s struggles until it’s too late, questioning society’s sudden outpouring of concern only after someone has passed away.


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