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Akothee Proudly Lists Things She Achieved At 42 Despite Undergoing Marital Problems

Singer, entrepreneur Esther Akoth Kokeyo aka Akothee is celebrating her 43 birthday.

The mother of five took to social media to recount how her life has been, full of ups and down, but she says that she has navigated it all to build a name for herself.

According to her, the challenges did not see her give up and she continued learning and growing until she became successful.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESTHER AKOTH KOKEYO ‚̧ԳŹFailing a thousand times taught me a thousand ways that didn’t work. Life is full of challenges, but success comes from continuously learning and growing. Despite raising children in broken dysfunctional families, enduring failed relationships, and navigating successful businesses, I never gave up,” she shared.

She went on to list the things that she achieved in her 42nd year, adding that her birthdays are meant for her to count her achievements.

“I managed to achieve my degree at 42 years and became a director of a school with 70 pupils and 18 teachers at 42. At 42 I made sure MIGORI RESIDENTS HAVE A COMMERCIAL FLIGHT ūüí™I don’t celebrate my birthdays ,I count my achievements in the years I have lived ūüí™You don’t need to remind me of my failures ,I am busy counting my achievements, don’t tell me who I am , you don’t know me . I know myself very well. I AM A PHENOMENAL COURAGEOUS WOMAN Happy Birthday to the Queen of “I WILL TAKE IT HEAD ON AND I WILL TACKLE IT,” she said.

As she begins a new year,¬† the day also marks one year since her grand wedding with Caucasian man Denis Schweizer. The marriage however didn’t live to see the light and the duo split up in two months during their honeymoon.

Akothee said that her decision to leave the marriage was influenced by the fact that she discovered somethings about Omosh that she didn’t knew before.

She is however currently believed to have gotten back with Nelly Oaks, her manager.

Nelly has gone out of her way to make her 2024 birthday memorable, by erecting billboards in various locations.




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