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Pepo Shindwe! Zora Actress Brenda Michelle Claps Back At Those Linking Her To Witchcraft

Producer Jacky B’s wife Brenda Michelle, who played the role of Alma in Zora TV series, is currently housing 35 pets including Cats, dogs and even parrots.

The actress and film production expert is among the few Kenyans who have immense love for pets.

Her husband and her children are also pet lovers.

Brenda admits that because of loving animals especially cats, she has been linked to witchcraft, what most people call ‘ushirikina’ in Swahili.

“There are, especially since I got my black maine coon cat. Its a cat with sharp ears, yellow eyes  and it is very dark, he is very scary. So people were like ‘pepo shindwe, tunakukemea.’ Those things are there but we need to come out of that. This are God’s animals.

“Cats are highly regarded in the Islamic religion and they are the only animals you will see roaming around the mosque because they are considered clean. If you are not taking care of God’s animals linking them to demons then you are the one who has a problem not me,” the mother of two said in an interview with Radio Maisha.

Brenda further revealed that her most expensive pet cost Kshs850,000. She said that the prices of cats are a bit lower compared to the dogs. She is also looking forward to rearing a snake, what most people would consider an absurd pet.

“It is a dog. It’s a grown male Chao Chao. It looks like a bear, that are in cold regions. I got it from Russia. The cheapest is Kshs60,000. The most expensive cat is Kshs150,000. In my collection I have about 18 dogs. Most of them are cats,” she said.



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