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Willis Raburu’s Baby Mama Ivy Namu: I Slipped Into Depression After Giving Birth 

Content creator and influencer Ivy Namu recently shared her personal battle with postpartum depression following the birth of her second child Yara.

Namu, who is engaged to media personality Willis Raburu, bravely opened up about her experience to shed light on the silent struggles many women face.

Reflecting on her ordeal while speaking during an interview with a local news outlet, Namu admitted, “I feel like postpartum depression was the lowest part of me. I didn’t see it coming.”

Despite her advocacy for mental health awareness on social media, Namu initially did not recognize her own struggle with postpartum depression until she was nearly out of it.

She described feeling self-doubt about her abilities as a mother and her role as a wife during this challenging time.

Namu expressed gratitude for the unwavering support she received from her family, particularly her husband, Willis Raburu. She acknowledged the inner battles she faced as a stay-at-home mom, feeling unaccomplished and questioning herself constantly.

The influencer highlighted the importance of kindness towards nursing women, emphasizing that many may be enduring similar challenges without realizing it.

Namu revealed how she felt guilty and exhausted, often unwilling to let others hold her child during this period.

Offering advice to her followers, Namu stressed the significance of extending kindness, understanding, and support to one another.

She urged people to be ambassadors of grace, especially in the digital age where children are growing up immersed in the internet space.

Namu’s candid revelations serve as a poignant reminder of the hidden struggles faced by mothers and the importance of empathy and support within communities.

Her experience underscores the need for increased awareness and dialogue surrounding postpartum depression and mental health, encouraging individuals to prioritize compassion and grace in their interactions with others.

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