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“Ako Na Mwili Na Hajui Kutumia” Obinna Hints Pritty Vishy Is His Type

Comedian Oga Obinna has urged Pritty Vishy to stop  chasing after the likes of Stevo Simple Boy and instead go after people like him.

According to him, Pritty Vishy, who is a content creator, rapper and social media influencer, has a good figure and body, but she has no idea of how to put them to good use.

Obinna said that while denying  claims that Dem wa Facebook, a fast rising female comedian,  is his type.

The father of four noted that Dem wa Facebook’s personality is great and anything to go by but her undoing is her body.

“Dem  wa Facebook hajaanza kuwa type yangu , hajawahikuwa type yangu na hatawahikuwa  type yangu. The reason is this; I like big  things. So it’s tricky to date her. Her personality is on check, conversation check, confidence check  but sasa utashika wapi. Mali ya kushika ndio hakuna,” he explained in an interview.

According to him, Pritty Vishy needs Dem wa Facebook’ confidence so that she could use her body well.

“Ungechukua hio confidence ya dem wa Faceook uweke kwa mwili ya Pritty Vishy. Pritty Vishy ako na mwili na hajui kuitumia. Hana hio confidence ya kukanyaga nje…once in a while Pritty Vishy huvaa na hutokelezea lakini most of the time huwa ako tu, bado anakimbizana na Stevo, Stevo ashamove on. Kimbizana na akina Obinna, 2mbili kina KRG. Kuja huku uptown sasa tukupange,” the comedian said.

Obinna added that if Pritty Vishy shoots her shot and he rejects him, she could be lucky to get his  personal assistant.

“Toka huko Kibera, songa nayo,” he further advised.



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