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“Natafuta Pesa Nimalize Nyumba” Khaligraph Jones’ Huge Mansion Sucks Every Coin Out Of His Pockets

Khaligraph has been constructing his mansion for nearly two years now due to lack of money needed to speed up the construction.

The rapper is building a multistorey mansion whose construction began in early 2022.

The rapper expected to complete his mansion in 2023 but it’s now clear the year will end before the house is complete.

In a recent post seen by, Khaligraph expressed optimism that his mansion will be completed.

“We will get there soon InshaAllah,” Khaligraph Jones expressed.

However, the mansion drew unfavorable comments from some online users, with comparisons to a mall and remarks suggesting it resembled apartments or a level 4 hospital. Some even humorously suggested it could rival Tanzania’s state house.

On Monday October 30, 2023, the 33-year-old rapper hit back indicating he was unfazed by the criticism.

In a social media update seen by, Khaligraph said he is focused on ensuring the completion of his house, and questioned why certain individuals took offense at his progress.

He further said that he was looking for money to complete his mansion.

“Wacha nitafute pesa nimalize nyumba. Sikujua mjengo unaeza patia watu wengine content. Nitawachokesha sana lol,” Khaligraph said.

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