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5 Things You Should Know About Original “Mimi Ni Mzabibu” Singer Zabron Ndale

Zabron Ndale has taken over social media with his hit song, “Mimi Ni Mzabibu,” giving rise to the viral Mzabibu dance challenge.

Contrary to the current social media frenzy, Zabron Ndale released “Mimi Ni Mzabibu” a decade ago in 2014 and he’s from the Mijikenda community.

The unexpected resurgence of the song is credited to the grace of God, he says. Even after being released for all these years, the song’s infectious beats have found a new lease on life, dominating timelines across various platforms.

Like Christina Shusho, Zabron Ndale draws his inspiration from the Bible, and specifically for Mzabibu it was the book of John 15. The song’s title translates to “I am the vine, and God is the farmer.”

Ndale clarified that he holds all the rights to “Mimi Ni Mzabibu.” Despite the amusing dance interpretations associated with the song, the artist is considering releasing an official music video to guide fans on the correct dance steps.

He expressed a desire to share more of his musical creations but acknowledged financial constraints hindering the release of additional songs. He appealed to potential supporters, expressing gratitude for those attending his performances and extending an invitation for assistance in bringing more of his musical works to fruition.

The Mzabibu dance challenge has become a canvas for creativity, with participants on TikTok showcasing diverse and imaginative dance moves. Zabron Ndale humorously addressed the quirky dance styles, hinting at the seriousness of the song and his intention to release an official video to align fans with the authentic dance moves.


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