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“I No Longer Miss Them” Akothee Reveals Relationship With Her Siblings Is At Its Lowest Point

The bad relationship between Akothee and her siblings is getting bad as the times passes by.

Akothee and her siblings no longer greet each other, according to her recent online confession.

The singer-turned-entrepreneur opened up about how life has been since cutting off any contact with her siblings.

The entertainer and her sister Cebbie Koks are the most popular on the internet and the two are no longer on talking terms.

Akothee in the video of Wednesday night, January 24, 2024 announced that she will not miss them anymore.

“Whatever I saw with my family in 2022 going into December I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that,” she recounted.

She was referring to when she clashed with Cebbie over their weddings date clashed. Akothe was to marry Omosh in December and Cebbie was also to marry lawyer Steve Ogolla at the same time.

The family sided with Cebbie and Akothee was forced to push her wedding to April 10, 2023.

“I was vulnerable I felt alone. That’s the worst feeling in this world full of people. That’s the worst feeling any human should have. Especially after helping almost everyone. It hurts. And by the way, I can say. you very physical, I had a big barrier between me and my brothers.”

She added;

“I don’t miss them because I don’t miss problems. Maybe I was the one who was poisoned, it’s okay. When you’re poisoned, you draw a line, then there’s nothing…you understand me.

“I don’t miss any of them, I don’t know them, well if we meet at my parent’s house, we have the same father and mother. We are blood brothers, but the relationship and friendship is no longer there. You are just a vibe with the people who vibe with you.”

The mother of five said she forgive her siblings and set boundaries.

“I forgave everyone but we are not friends, We don’t vibe. The vibe is over because I’m afraid of being hurt again.

“Why do we have to? If I greet them, I will again enter the trap, I will even meet them in public and pass them. What I went through was priceless, it was too great.”

Akothee stressed that she is at peace and has no worries.

“What I went through, they scattered me and I became naked, they threw me on social networks with lies, how do you expect me to be with such people? We share blood, bonds, we share mother and father but they are not friends. It’s okay.”

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