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Vera Sidika Finally Fires Back At Chipukeezy For Calling Her A Prostitute 

Chipukeezy angrily slammed Vera Sidika for normalizing prostitution which he blamed for girls’ murders.

The murders of Starlet Wahu and Rita Waeni happened as they had gone to Airbnbs to have sex with their killers for money.

Chipukeezy while speaking on the Iko Nini Podcast with Mwafreeka Mwaf blamed Vera Sidika for normalizing prostitution by influencing young girls to think it is just ok to sleep with total strangers for money.

“Hizi vitu tunafanya ndo zinafanya watoi wafwate ju watoi wanafikiria mtu kama Vera anaishi life normal. Hio si life normal, huwezi zaa na unafanya umalaya na uko na bwanako, bwanako amezaa na mtu mwingine huko. It is not like that,” Chipukeezy ranted.

“Don’t try to show the young Kenyans ati hii ni normal,” she added.

Vera Sidika while responding to Chipukeezy’s criticism said she was completely unbothered by his comments, adding that she is not only living her life but also eating good.

“Unbothered y’all clearly can’t keep my name outta ya mouths huh. Eating good,” Vera Sidka wrote.


Weeks ago amid the onging probe into the deaths of Starlet Wahu and Rita Waeni, Vera Sidika publicly declared that she needed to stop working and look for a rich sugar daddy to take care of her financial needs.

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