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Willy Paul Exposes Popular Celebrity Infecting Ladies With HIV

Willy Paul has accused a top celebrity of intentionally infecting several young girls with HIV.

Pozze claims, this has been happening over the past few months. The accusation has sent shock through the entertainment industry and prompted a broader conversation about the responsibilities celebrities bear in their personal lives.

Willy Paul specifically pointed fingers at the unidentified celebrity for targeting vulnerable young girls aged between 18 and 25. According to Paul, this individual has been luring unsuspecting victims into relationships before knowingly exposing them to the life-threatening virus.

The accusation hits close to home for Willy Paul, who disclosed that a close friend fell victim to the alleged actions of this celebrity. His anger and frustration are palpable as he condemns the celebrity for the irreversible harm caused to his friend.

Willy Paul has also issued a cautionary message to young girls, urging them to exercise extreme caution before entering into relationships with strangers.

The musician emphasized the potential consequences of such encounters, warning that it could lead to the transmission of the deadly disease.

Pozze further says, “n May Way Kutafta Unga! ( The Right Way )Today Being a Sunday, I Might aswell Speak Some Truth To These Girls.You All Want Fast Life But Are Lazy As F* You Don’t Learn, You Keep Seeing Your Fellow Girls Being Killed But You Still Follow The Same Path! You Want To Show The World How Expensive You’re Eeeh? How Many Big Cars And Houses You Own Eeeh? 🤔. Yaani This Girls Will Do Anything For Little 💰.!”

Willy Paul


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