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“Anyongwe” Monica Kimani’s Family Demands Capital Punishment Ahead Of Jowie’s Sentencing

Jowie Irungu will today March 13, 2024, know his fate if he will rot in prison for the rest of his life or if the court will be lenient.

The court found Jowie guilty of the brutal murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani whose lifeless body was discovered at her residence in Lamuria Gardens, Kilimani, on September 19, 2018, with her throat slit and hands bound.

Monica Kimani’s mother urged the court to deliver the ultimate justice by sentencing her daughter’s murderer Jowie to death.

In a pre-sentencing statement, Monica’s mother earnestly implored the court to impose the death penalty, emphasizing that it is only fitting for one who snuffs out a life in such a cruel manner to face a similar fate.

In an interview with probation officer Andrew Kanyutu, Monica’s mother experienced an emotional breakdown, expressing her anguish through inconsolable wails, reflecting the profound impact of Monica’s tragic demise on her.

Monica’s mother stated that she still struggles to comprehend the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s untimely death, questioning why Monica, known for her peaceful nature and hardworking ethic, met such a cruel fate.

Monica’s father, Bishop Paul Ngarama, echoes his wife’s sentiments, citing biblical scripture to underscore the principle that the wicked must face consequences for their actions.

Meanwhile, Monica’s younger brother, George Kimani, reiterates his conviction in Jowie’s guilt, describing him as deceptive, violent, and manipulative.

Despite the family’s impassioned plea for justice, Jowie maintains his innocence and pleads for leniency, expressing shock and depression over being implicated in the murder.

As the court prepares to deliver its verdict today, both Monica’s family and Jowie’s family grapple with their respective realities.

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