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“You Will Not Sit Back And Do Nothing” Lilian Muli Reacts To Miracle Baby’s Situation

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has broken silence on the health condition of former Sailors Gang member Peter Miracle Baby.

Taking to IG stories, Muli said that she is not familiar with the couple but having encountered their story on social media, Miracle Baby situation could get worse if not addressed soon enough.

She urged Kenyans to support Miracle Baby and his wife instead of engaging in side shows.

“Dear Kenyans. I have never met miracle baby or his wife Carol Katrue but I have come across their story on social media. This couple has a legitimate case of a medical situation that could get worse if not addressed immediately.

“Side shows aside let’s support them. Please follow their journey and you will not sit back and do nothing,” the mother of two said.

She also called upon the Health CS Susan Nakhumicha to address the situation, saying she was in position to order Miracle Baby’s treatment.

“You need to give a directive for this young man to be admitted to a hospital, treated urgently and only discharged upon full recovery. Doctors strike aside, I am sure help can be found if sought,” the journalist said.

Muli’s remarks come after Carol Katrue and KRG shed each other on social media.

KRG accused the couple of extorting Kenyans and being ungrateful for the help they received from President William Ruto.

Katrue fired back at him, accusing him of spoiling their name yet he contributed nothing towards Miracle Baby’s medical bill.

She also denied claims that the president donated Kshs300, 000 following an appeal by Jaguar and KRG. According to Katrue, she reached out to the president, sending him a series of messages about their situation that he eventually sent a team from the government with the amount of money.



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