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“You Are Eating Other People’s Vomit” Nyako Goes After Nelly Oaks

TikToker Nyako Pilot has hit Akothee where it hurts the most as she goes after Nelly Oaks.

Nyako is embroiled in a vicious online feud with Akothee that is nor turning out to very personal and ugly.

Nelly Oaks offered Akothee the shoulder to lean on after her breakup with her ex-husband Omosh.

It should be remembered that Akothee dumped Nelly Oaks for Omosh before she went back running to him after being character developed proper.

Nyako in her latest attack wondered if Nelly Oaks had any brains in his skull claiming that he doesn’t seem to notice that Akothee is using him.

The controversial TikTok blasted Nelly Oaks for ‘eating’ other people’s vomit, further suggesting that he should be taken to a mental facility to me checked if his brain is working properly.

“The biggest joke of the year. Even that ex has a half-brain. He needs to be taken to Mathare Hospital so they confirm if he is okay. Looks like that ex has lost his brain. Kenyan men can be disrespected anyhow. You guys have no pride. As a man, he has no pride. He is eating vomit. Even if we threw out dignities in the toilet, no way in a million years. There’s no way in the world this man is normal. The desperation is real,” Nyako said.

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