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“Pia Wewe Si Ulipenda Karen Ju Ya Pesa” Samidoh Reacts Angrily After Women Tell Him The Bitter Truth

Samidoh was challenged to prove that he didn’t leave his wife for Karen Nyamu out of sheer love.

The whole drama started after Samidoh took to Facebook to highlight how men suffer while women have an easy way in life.

“A broke woman is still a woman. An educated woman is still a woman. A woman who can’t provide is still a woman. And she gets all the respect she deserves. But a man without these things is a burden even to his own family.
Men’s lives solely depends on them. If you don’t have a job, you sleep hungry, no luck , hakuna wa kukuhurumia, it’s just hard work. A lady can have her way out but a man must work hard. Ngai amûrathimage mûkîumagara guthiî gwetha,” Samidoh wrote.

Samidoh’s post rubbed women the wrong way and some decided to confront him.

Facebook user Mum Natashia told off Samidoh saying he too was having an easy way because Karen Nyamu was giving him money.

“Pia men can have their you mean pia wewe si ulipenda Karen juu ya pesa na usitudanganye Karen hakupeangi doo,” Mum Natashia

Winnie Nyambura lauded Mum Natashia for her courage to tell Samidoh the bitter truth.

“Mum Natashia umeamua kaende kaende,” Winnie Nyambura commented.

“Nyambura kaende kakiendaga kwani alipendea Karen nini,” Mum Natashia responded.

Samidoh fired back at the two women, telling them that he does a lot of work more than all of them and they can’t see that because they are mentally lame.

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