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“Ushaito!” Xtian Dela Announces Return Of The Unbelievable Raunchy Nyonga Fest

“Tunataka waeke mwiko kwa nunu sasa sio remote!” “Kama umeokoka funga macho na ufanye maombi!” Netizens react to Nyonga Fest and Xtian Dela return.

Xtian Dela, known for his famous Club Covid Radio sessions inspired by Tory Lanez’s Quarantine Radio in 2020, is making headlines again with the return of the Nyonga Fest. This online event took the internet by storm, attracting viewers not only from Kenya but from all across Africa.

The Nyonga Festival gained fame for its wild twerking sessions where ladies showcased their skills live on screen. Everything from toilet paper challenges to using different lubricants became part of the fun, with participants vying for a chance to win substantial cash prizes, with some amounts reaching close to Sh300,000.

This lucrative prize drew women from all corners of the country to participate in the festivities.

One standout star from the Nyonga Festival was Sherlyne Anyango, who captured the attention of netizens with her impressive talents. Her ability to balance a glass and even a glass of wine on her derriere without spilling a drop left viewers amazed and wanting more.

Despite facing criticism and backlash, the Nyonga Fest became a weekend staple during the quarantine period.

Xtian Dela’s announcement of its return has sparked excitement among fans, signaling the revival of this controversial yet wildly popular event. Fans eagerly await more twerking action, outrageous challenges, and the chance to witness more extraordinary talents like Sherlyne Anyango’s.

In a time where virtual entertainment gained immense traction, events like the Nyonga Festival provided much-needed fun and excitement.


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