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“May All Dead Beats Never Know Peace” Samidoh’s Ex-Wife Edday Nderitu Says

“This is what men make their kids feel, may all dead beats never know peace!” Edday Nderitu says.

Edday Nderitu, the ex-wife of Kenyan musician Samidoh, has spoken out about the challenges faced by single mothers and their children due to absent fathers.

In 2023, Edday confirmed her separation from Samidoh, emphasizing that she left him for the sake of whoever needed him more than she did, Karen Nyamu. Samidoh cheated on Edday with Karen Nyamu and she has two born kids to Samidoh and one to her ex-lover DJ Saint Kevinz.

Despite being the father of their three children, Edday expressed her reluctance to reconcile with Samidoh, citing concerns about raising her children in a polygamous setting.

Recently, US-based Kenyan promoter Bernice Saroni shared a heart-breaking video featuring her son shedding tears over his absent father. Bernice confronted her son about his feelings regarding his father’s absence, and netizens could see the emotional turmoil many children endure due to deadbeat parents.

The video captured the boy’s uncertainty and sadness, reflecting the void left by his absent father.

Edday Nderitu reacted to the video with deep sympathy, acknowledging the pain that children of absent fathers often experience. She expressed her sadness and sent comforting words to Bernice’s son, offering love and support during such challenging times.

“This is very sad 😭,this is what men make their kids feel, may all dead beats never know peace, hugs baby boy ♥️!” Edday commented on TikTok.

The impact of absent fathers on children is a heavy burden and multifaceted. Many kids and also adults struggle with feelings of abandonment, confusion, and inadequacy when comparing their family dynamics to others.

The absence of a father figure can also affect their emotional and social development, leading to issues such as low self-esteem and behavioral problems.

@mamakeboyzofficialdeadbeat fathers mungu awabariki for the pain you cause to our innocent children…♬ original sound – Mamakeboyzofficial


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