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World’s Greatest Marathoner Eliud Kipchoge Is Allergic To Fame, Wishes Things Could Be Different

Marathon great Eliud Kipchoge doesn’t like being in the spotlight at all, he insists that fame only brings problems.

The celebrated long distance runner shared his though on fame while advising rugby players during a private breakfast event at the Impala Grounds.

Kipchoge noted that fame and money cause the downfall of accomplished athletes if they are not careful.

“We know in sports, fame and money are the things giving sportsmen problems. What is fame? Can you touch it? No. Then where is the problem coming from? When you happen to be famous which I think is not crucial, put it aside. Fame is there but can you touch it? No. Is it crucial? No.

“You must ask yourself after being famous all day do you sleep? When you sleep you sleep alone you will not be famous in bed. You sleep alone. Life always goes on. People are refusing to think. That thing is giving people problems then why don’t you get away from this. Immediately it comes to you it gives you a problem,” said Kipchoge.

The world’s greatest marathoner further likened celebrities to meat being sold in a butcher while explaining why they should be wary of fame.

“When you go to a butcher to buy meat they use polythene and they cover with what newspaper. So it doesn’t show. That is why we are African. Let us bring that into our lives. Today you win you are put in a polythene paper and wrapped again if you are doing the right thing they will look for you. Don’t tell them they will smell it out.”

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