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Sonko demands Conjestina Achieng’s Family Play Their Part As He Plays His In Helping Sickly Boxer 

Mike Sonko took sickly boxer Conjestina Achieng’ to the Mombasa Women Empowerment Network Hospital in Miritini for treatment on July 4 2022.

Sonko decided to help Conjestina one more time after her son Charlton Otieno reached out to him.

After admission to the Mombasa facility, Sonko vowed to continue supporting Conjestina after she recovers.

“I was approached by Conjestina’s son, Charlton Otieno, who reached out to me requesting my help as he decried financial constraints in the family. We do not want this to continue in the future and that is why we have agreed with the family we shall offer her employment after discharged,” Sonko said.

The former Nairobi governor also demanded that Conjestina’s family play their role in helping the sickly boxer as he plays his.

“We will take her to a good medical facility that helps deal with depression. We will give her a private room so that anyone who wants to pray for her. You guys also need to be serious because we take her to the hospital she comes home and she gets worse. We will take care of her. For her to be involved in something to do she must get well first. Provided am alive we will take care of her,” he said.

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