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“Woi Woi Woi!” Betty Kyallo Responds To Stevo Simple Boy’s Marriage Request

“Nikipata Betty Kyallo na settle tu, anizalie boys wawili na dem mmoja!” Stevo wrote to win Betty Kyallo’s love.

Betty Kyallo has finally addressed Stevo Simple Boy’s expressed desire to date her, and it’s not the news the singer hoped for. The former K24 TV news anchor firmly stated that there is no possibility of them dating. Her response came in the wake of a post by popular events organizer Chris Kirwa, who had shared Simple Boy’s aspirations to win Kyallo’s heart.

Kirwa’s repost of Simple Boy’s affectionate message toward the media personality was accompanied by a caption implying support for the musician’s romantic pursuit. “@bettymuteikyallo we are coming for you sisi kama uncles wa @stevosimpleboy8 🔥 Harusi tunayo 👊😀,” Kirwa wrote, suggesting he would assist Simple Boy in his endeavors.

Kyallo’s reaction, shared on her Instagram stories, was laced with sarcasm as she reposted Kirwa’s message, adding the caption: “😅😅😅 Mtanipata kweli?” This response made it abundantly clear that Simple Boy’s advances would not be reciprocated.

While Simple Boy has been actively featuring Kyallo on his Instagram account in recent days, it seems his affection remains unrequited. However, Kyallo’s disinterest shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering she is already committed to a relationship.

Simple Boy’s public declaration of love for Kyallo may have garnered attention, but Kyallo’s response has firmly closed the door on any romantic possibilities between them.betty kyallo stevo


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