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“Nizalie Watoto 3!” Stevo Simple Boy Says All He Wants Is To Impregnate Betty Kyallo

“Mungu hii yote uliumba wewe mwenyewe. Naomba sasa unibariki nayo!” Stevo Simple Boy says.

Stevo Simple Boy has emerged as an unlikely contender in the pursuit of Betty Kyallo’s heart.

Despite Betty’s silence in response to his advances, Stevo’s determination to win her love remains unstoppable, captivating the attention of fans and netizens alike.

In a series of bold declarations, Stevo has made his admiration for Betty abundantly clear, expressing his desire to be with her and even envisioning a future together. Even with the lack of reciprocation from Betty, Stevo continues to pursue her affection like a strong believer, undeterred by the apparent one-sided nature of his infatuation.

After Betty shared alluring photos on social media, Stevo’s infatuation only seemed to intensify, with the singer admitting to having sleepless nights as he dreams of a romantic connection with the television personality.

In a heartfelt message, Stevo publicly declared his intentions, expressing his desire for a future with Betty and even envisioning starting a family together.

“Me nikipata Betty Kyallo na settle tu… na anizalie watoto watatu, boys wawili na dem mmoja,” Stevo boldly proclaimed in a social media post.

While some may view Stevo’s public declarations as overly bold or even comical, his unabashed pursuit of love might bear some fruits.

Whether or not Betty Kyallo ultimately reciprocates Stevo’s affections remains to be seen.


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