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“Why Did It Have To Be You” Widow Of Man Who Died While Sleeping With KRA Officer In Kilimani Cries Foul

KRA officer only known as Judy is on the spot following the death of Josephat Ngaruiya who passed on while they were having s3x in Kilimani.

40-year-old Josephat Ngaruiya died while sleeping with 25-year-old Judy on February 28th 2022 at Myra apartment along Kindaruma road in Kilimani.

Josephat was Group Director of Human Resources at African Guarantee Fund while his side chick is a KRA employee.

Josephat Ngaruiya
Josephat Ngaruiya

Through a miscellaneous application filed in court on Wednesday, March 2nd by PC Stephen Kibei, an officer from DCI, police are seeking to detain Judy over Josephat’s death.

“That upon brief interrogation, the respondent admitted that they checked in the apartment on February 28, 2022, at 1700hrs and while having sex with the deceased, he started producing whizzing sound before getting off the bed and getting seated on the floor while gasping for air,” the application read in part.

The application further indicated that Judy, who is a KRA employee, also told the police that she tried to inquire from him what was happening but Josephat never responded which prompted her to seek the intervention of the apartment management.

Josephat Ngaruiya KRA
Josephat Ngaruiya

Emergency services were called in but there was nothing they could have done because Josephat had already died when they arrived.

The investigating officer, in his affidavit, further told the court that a team of police officers from Kilimani area visited the scene and found the body of the deceased in a sitting position while leaning on the wall of the bedroom.

“That a search was conducted in the house where several assorted medicines, alcoholic drinks and soft drinks believed to be of the deceased were recovered and kept as exhibits,” the application read.

The police asked Principal Magistrate Zainab Abdul to give them 14 days to conduct an autopsy and analyse the items found in the room.

The magistrate, however, released Judy on Ksh50,000 cash bail and ordered her to report to Kilimani police station at 9: 00 am daily for police to complete investigations.

Josephat Ngaruiya’s death was announced on newspaper obituary but they didn’t mention circumstances surrounding his demise.

His window Juliette Ngaruiya mourned her husband in a post on social media which was later pulled down.

Josephat and his wife Juliette Ngaruiya
Josephat and his wife Juliette Ngaruiya

“Am in tears still asking why it had to be you my Luv. (Your Lovely).My prayer was we will live to be together until our old age.We just started life at 40,am still confused why you were snatched away from us.The kids and I will miss you deeply and you will always remain in our hearts.Be our shining star everyday.May your soul my Lovely Rest in Internal Peace,” Juliette Ngaruiya wrote.




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