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Where Is Mr? Jackie Matubia Opens Up About Her Love Life

“Self love movement. This year things went down. It’s a month of wanting to start loving myself,” Jackie Matubia has opened up about her relationship with her better half in a YouTube video although she did not hit the nail on hit head as anticipated.

The mother of two said that she had decided to focus on herself after pouring all her love on friends and family.

According to her, people, who she didn’t mention, have been taking advantage of that.

“One thing I have realized is¬† I love so hard on my friends , my family and I have nothing to pour of myself. So everything I pour out and I forget to pour in and it is just time for me to…and then people really take advantage of that for me and I don’t now how to…This is my self love movement,” Jackie Matubia said.

The actress further said that she is going to love herself by buying herself material things as well as having conversations with herself.

“A lot of this videos will come by I started with the previous video where I acquired land. It is not about even having physical things, having meeting with myself¬† and try an just evaluate my life myself,” she said, adding that;

“I just realized something it is tough to be Jackie Matubia. I might be going through the same thing you are going through but now me I am going it through the public eye and I amin the copurt of public opinion so everyone has something about my life.”

Jackie and her fiance Blessing Lungaho are believed to to have separated that she even kicked him out of her Kiambu home.

She also unfollowed him, deleted his photos from her Instagram profile and had his portraits removed from her home.

Neither of the two has come out to openly speak about what what transpired.




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