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Furious Karen Nyamu Demands Local Beer On Flight After Missing Favorite Alcohol

“I demand full selection of local beer on Kenya Aiways na si tafathali,” Karen Nyamu rants saying we must support our own brands.

Karen Nyamu enjoys indulging in a couple of beers from time to time. Despite her busy schedule and professional commitments, she embraces the opportunity to unwind and savor the taste of a refreshing brew.

Like many other Kenyans, she understands that enjoying an occasional drink can be a pleasant way to relax and socialize.

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu made headlines when a viral video surfaced showing her causing a disturbance at Samidoh’s concert in Dubai on December 16, 2022.

In the footage, Nyamu approached a table where Samidoh and his wife, Edday Nderitu, were enjoying drinks and attempted to sit on the singer’s lap.

Edday confronted Nyamu and tried to prevent her from reaching her husband. Security personnel swiftly intervened, escorting a visibly intoxicated Nyamu out of the scene.

The incident fueled speculation and criticism, with many questioning Nyamu’s behavior and judgment.
Karen Nyamu beer

Following the incident, Nyamu publicly attributed her actions to alcohol and publicly announced her intention to abandon drinking as part of her resolutions for 2023. However, it seems that her promises may have been merely empty words.

“I’m forced to take a tusker because Kenya Airways does not offer Summit Lager by Keroche industries which is my beer of choice,” Karen Nyamu complains.

“I demand that our national carrier Kenya airways supports our own by ensuring we have the full selection of local beer na si tafathali,” she rants further.

Karen Nyamu beer

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